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New platform launched yesterday –

Ok so I started on this back in late May 2016, frustrated because in the Brexit debate, no one was talking about the import tariffs of the Customs Union and what we might do with them if the country did vote to leave. Well the vote happened and the project mushroomed.

Go take a look – and as always don’t hesitate to give me feedback.

Speaking on energy storage

danlewis_29012015I enjoyed speaking at the  the 6th Smart Energy UK & Europe Summit as well as chatting with some of the delegates afterwards. I was asked to speak on Energy Storage – the big picture and they took this photo which I thought was pretty good, so I uploaded it here.


It was a busy day, straight after this I was asked to be on a panel for the Mondo Visione Seminar, entitled Bringing Insight to the UK Power Market in the City which was equally enjoyable. Both times I came away thinking that too many energy policy wonks don’t get enough exposure to the technical experts on the frontline of innovation in the energy sector.

It is anything but a static, linear world.

Have just updated papers section

I’m slowly bringing this website up to date – see authored and co-authored papers section here. Let me know if anything doesn’t look right !

Next, I need to update articles etc. will take a while – a lot of content was not uploaded by yours truly when I had the site redesigned a few years ago.