Talks, Powerpoints, Panels and Chaired events

Below I have listed a few of the talks which I usually do with a a powerpoint and some events I have been asked to chair/moderate or participate in panel discussions on. If you would like me to come and speak at your conference or chair it etc. then please get in touch on or 07900 245 306.

14th March 2019 – Speaking on: Energy NATIONALISATION – is back to the future the answer?

Speaking to: Alfa Energy Annual Conference

11th October 2018 – Speaking on: Towards the World’s Best Connected Country by 2041 – Why and How?

Speaking to: IoD Senior members at Newcastle Airport

25th March 2018 – Speaking on: Housing for Britain

Speaking to: Cambridge University Land Society and Planning in London annual conference

1st February 2018 – Speaking on: The Accelerating Future: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Speaking to: IoD Senior members in York

19th October 2017 – Speaking on: Our infrastructure future – in an age of austerity – and beyond

Speaking to: Annual Britpave conference – The British Cementitious Paving Association

7th June 2017 – Speaking on: Far Out Energy

Speaking to: Energy Live Annual Conference

2nd November 2016 – Speaking on: Raising Humanity’s Gaze: The Coming Age of Commercial Spaceflight and What It Will Mean for Our Economy and Culture in the 21st Century

Speaking to: Middlesex Univerity London Business Students

29th June 2016 – Speaking on: Towards Ultrafast Britain

Speaking to: IoD members in Peterborough

26th February 2015 – Speaking on: Matching infrastructure to austerity – the case for an infrastructure value index

Speaking to: Cambridge University Land Society and National Planning Forum Planning Conference

15th April 2015 – Speaking on: Natural Gas – Potential Future Disruptive Game-Changers . . . Revolution or evolution?

Speaking to: Annual Flame Conference in Amsterdam

26th February 2015 – Speaking on: Matching Infrastructure to Austerity: The case for a value index

Speaking to: Cambridge University Land Society and Planning in London Annual Conference

29th January 2015 – Speaking on: The Business (& non-Business) case for Energy Storage

Speaking to: 6th UK & Europe Smart Energy Summit

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