Year 2007

Date Medium Title
Dec 2007 World Finance Where will the world make and lose money in 2008?
Oct – Nov 2007 World Finance Prepare to wobble
Aug 2007

Sunday Telegraph
Sunday Telegraph
Brown would be better off selling quangos
Aug – Sep 2007 World Finance The world needs more private equity, not less
Aug – Sep 2007 Power Engineer Unbundling our Woes
Jun – Jul 2007 World Finance Urbanisation 2.0: The Mother of all Building Booms
Apr – May 2007 World Finance The nightmare of a Chinese economic collapse
Mar 2007

Yorkshire Post
Yorkshire Post

It’s time to reform the National Lottery
Mar 2007 Power Engineer Renewables: how far can we go?
Feb 2007 World Finance 2007 to be the riskiest year yet
Jan 2007 World Finance Don’t bet on climate change but embrace the technology
Jan 2007 Power Engineer Assessing the Stern Review