Year 2011

Date Medium Title
December 14th Article based on data – POLICE say people in the North are turning to a life of crime to make “ends meet” after Government cuts
October-December Dan and UKCrimeStats are quoted at length in article by Sean Maguire entitled “Can Data Deliver Better Government?”
13th December Dan in interviewed to explain the breakdown of crime figures for Cleveland Police between Dec 2010 and Oct 2011 on the Al Brownlee show
13th December UKCrimeStats research is sourced in this article Economic gloom causes rise in burglaries
11th December UKCrimeStats research quoted in this article Britain is in the grip of an austerity crime-wave with two thirds rise in burglaries in parts of the country
11th December
UKCrimeStats research sourced for this major news feature “Austerity crimewave hits Britain”
25th November
Dan is interviewed by Derek Bateman on Newsweek Scotland on the UK’s energy situation – listen here 40 minutes in for 10 minutes
3rd November Feature article by Dan – Time to reach for the stars: Britain’s new space industry has the potential to blast off
Quarter 3 Dan on The £200bn energy investment fantasy for Big Picture – the quarterly journal of the Institute of Directors Policy Unit. Based on EPC/KPMG paper “Rethinking The Unaffordable
October Using the EPC platform Dan reveals the London Constituency Crime Table Rankings for Dec 2010 – Jul 2011
14th October Dan is interviewed on American Conservative Nation Talk Radio about why US Taxpayers should be concerned about the Euro crisis, the impact of shale gas on energy policy, energy security and renewable costs.Listen here – 40 minutes long.
29th September Dan is interviewed on the impending demise of Yorshire Forward, a Regional Development Agency spending 250k on bonuses and £4.5m pounds on making people redundant in its final year
Quarter 2 Dan writes on The coming global gas super glut for Big Picture – the quarterly journal of the Institute of Directors Policy Uni
8th July Guru’s volley of tennis criticism – see RETHINKING TENNIS FOR THE BIG SOCIETY – authored by Dan
1st July Revealed – why we lose at tennis – see RETHINKING TENNIS FOR THE BIG SOCIETY – authored by Dan
22nd June
4 paragraph ATTRIBUTION: Sad day for British trio while Irish prospect also tastes defeat (behind paywall) – see RETHINKING TENNIS FOR THE BIG SOCIETY authored by Dan
20th June
Policy expert slams LTS “white elephant” for failure to produce more homegrown stars– see RETHINKING TENNIS FOR THE BIG SOCIETY – authored by Dan
19th June Dan writes: Time for a debate on British Tennis, a state-funded sport– see RETHINKING TENNIS FOR THE BIG SOCIETY
12th April
Dan writes – At last, communities can start to see the realities of crime
11th April
Dan writes – UKCrimeStats and the Cambrian Data Explosion
12th March
OP-ED by Dan: Re: MPC interest rate decisions and Why tax cuts could bring a benefit to Britain
31st January TV interview – Dan explains effects of Egyptian crisis on oil prices
7th January
Dan interviewed on Nick Ferrari’s Breakfast show – re: quangos and latest report from Public Accounts Select Committee
5th January
Dan is interviewed re: IEA concerns on higher oil prices threatening economic recovery – see photo

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