About Dan

Dan’s main occupation today is with the full fibre broadband company he founded UpFibre and as Chief Executive of the Economic Policy Centre. He was until 2020, Chief Executive of Future Energy Strategies, an energy events and reporting company which researched the energy industry of tomorrow (now wound up) and continues as Director of UKCrimeStats – the leading independent crime data platform and www.eutariffs.com – the leading independent analysis database of the import tariffs of the EU’s Customs Union, now transitioning to www.uktariffs.com.

From August 2011 to October 2018, he consulted part-time for the Institute of Directors covering energy policy and then more broadly, infrastucture policy. Prior to September 2009, Dan was for six years Research Director of the Economic Research Council and was also the founder of AEI www.altenergyinvestor.org – the global resource bank for the Alternative Energy Investor (in existence from 2006-2009), sponsored during that period by Guinness Atkinson Asset Management.

Journalism and Broadcasting

Dan Lewis has contributed to amongst others, The Daily Telegraph, the Wall Street Journal Europe, The Yorkshire Post, European CEO, World Finance and Power Engineer Magazines. To see more of Dan’s articles click here. He has also spoken on many radio and TV programmes including Radio 4’s The Today Programme, Sky News, BBC World Service and 5 live as well as BBC News 24 TV.

ECONOMIC POLICY CENTREwww.economicpolicycentre.com

The purpose of the the Economic Policy Centre (EPC) is to promote high quality research and debate across all areas of economics in a free democratic society. The EPC’s vision is to close the gap between economic policy and knowledge. Ultimately it brings together economic opinion formers – in academia, business, the media and government – in new and innovative ways.


Future Energy Strategies is a new organisation which brings together a unique group of industry analysts to do exactly what the name suggests – provide strategic insight into the future shape of the energy industry in Britain and across the European market. In a world saturated with information, where a multitude of organisations are clamouring for us to buy expensive, often longwinded and sometimes out of date ‘expert insight’, Future Energy Strategies has an ethos which sets it apart from others by seeking to sell distilled information with quality insight which is topical, concise and affordable.

Dan Lewis is Director and owner through the EPC of UKCrimeStats – the UK’s leading independent crime data platform for all published crime data since December 2010, with maps, analysis, comment and reports.

AEI (from 2005-2008) www.altenergyinvestor.org

Dan Lewis was Founder and editorialist for AEI, a site sponsored by Guinness Atkinson Asset Management from 2005-2009. AEI was a leading global content provider for news, comment and prices specifically focussed on alternative energy stocks, regularly achieving no. 1 google rankings for companies ahead of their own websites. Today it is in new hands and bears no relation to its previous role.