Year 2010

Date Medium Title
December 30th How to create a policy that will see the regions flourish
December 9th Dan is interviewed on Al Jazeera TV about the strategy behind China’s vast renewables program
October 20th Too much stick and not enough carrot as Osborne’s major test still lies ahead
October 14th Dan engages with callers at 9.05 – 9.30 am on the questions “What would you cut? And what would you save?”
October 14th At 8.35 a.m.,  Nick Ferrari asks Dan Lewis to explain quangos and how he would reform them
October 14th
Dan interviewd re: quangos at 7.20 a.m.
October 9th
Economy set to suffer if our fleet is cut back to the bone – Dan unhappy about cuts to the Royal Navy
September 28th Dan talks about quangos with 5 Live’s  Victoria Derbyshire and advocates of the soon to be axed Sustainable Development Commission and UK Film Council  then fields 20 minutes of random phone in questions on other quangos
September 28th Article BY DAN – On new EPC paper by Jim Bennett – SPACE: Britain’s New Frontier
September 27th OP-ED BY DAN – We should cull the quangos to get effective government
Sept 24th BBC Website attribution – Fear over jobs as leak suggests 180 quangos may be axed
Sept 24th Interviewed by Jane Hill, Dan sketches out how to reform the quangocracy following Whitehall leaked listed of 177 quangos to be axed
Sept 21st TV Interview: Dan urges caution on excitement over Cairn Energy’s find in Greenland, offshore drilling and environmental concerns
August 18th OP-ED BY DAN – If we don’t pay for Trident, Britain will count the cost
June 23rd OP-ED BY DAN – On George Osborne’s first budgetA good starting point but the test of this budget will be outside Osborne’s control
July 5th
ATTRIBUTION: On government website costs and call for disclosure on Adwords budgets and keywords
May 24th
RADIO INTERVIEW: On cuts and quangos – at 11.10 am – immediately after press conference with George Osbourn and David Laws
May 24th RADIO INTERVIEW: On cuts and quangos – at just after 5 am in the morning !
May 23rd
TV INTERVIEW: On cuts and quangos
May 21st
RADIO INTERVIEW: On BBC Sheffield on cuts and quangos
May 13th
OP-ED by Dan: There was no alternative, so give them a chance
May 13th
The United Kingdom’s Energy Security DebateExtensive reference made to SECURING OUR ENERGY FUTURE
February 26th
PUT THAT LIGHT OUT ! (requires subscription) – on what’s wrong with energy policy and what to put right – by Dan
February 26th
Dan, interviewed on You and Yours and 12.13, criticises the Carbon Reduction Commitment and the government’s timing in introducing it – directly afterwards, Energy Minister Joan Ruddock disagrees.
February 21st Firms not ready for name-and-shame carbon tableDan Lewis criticises the bureaucratic, marginal, high-cost carbon reduction commitment.
February Securing Our Energy Future, Dan’s launch paper for the EPC is cited in Canadian Nuclear Worker – a publication of the Canadian Nuclear Workers’ Council
February 17th Nick Ferrari asks Dan Lewis whether we should be worried about inflation? (8.35 am – 4 minutes – requires login for dowload)
February 17th Only Splitting the Euro Will Save It.  About the Greek Crisis and the Euro.
February 16th IT’s not if, but when we make the cuts we need. Dan Lewis discusses the timing and practicalities of public sector cuts.
January Dan writes the Expert Commentary for Conservative Intelligence on Conservative Energy Policy for CI’s “Guide to the 2010 Tory Manifesto
15th January How much microgeneration can networks take? Dan looks at the impact of a surge in microgeneration for local electricity neworks
5th January Dan Lewis talks on Al Jazeera English TV about the impact of cold weather on oil prices and their subsequent impact on the USD and the global economy