Year 2005

Date Medium Title
Nov 2005 Whitehall & Westminster World Nuclear Crunch Time Approaching
Nov 2005
Yorkshire Post
Don’t blame global warming, let’s deal with the floods
Nov 2005 Stockholm Network and Populus The Environment Poll – Putting the Environment in Perspective
Oct – Nov 2005 Power Engineer Electrifying Options
Oct – Nov 2005 Power Engineer Hot Stocks – Renewables and the Stockmarket
Oct – Nov 2005

Planning in London

Move Government out of London
Sep 2005

Yorkshire Post

Oil prices fuel growing energy crisis
Aug 2005

Wall Street Journal

Europe’s Low-Carbon Diet
Aug 2005 Petroleum Economist Biofuels – No Magic Bullet
Jun 2005 Yorkshire Post EU Talking shop dodges the real issues
Apr 2005 Whitehall & Westminster World The New Quango Polity
Mar 2005 Yorkshire Post Brown budgets for the perfect exit strategy
Feb 2005 Yorkshire Post Quango gravy train
Jan 2005 Power Economics The Hydrogen Economy – What Price and When?e